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The phenomenon showcases …. I think its awesome that just through his music and interviews he can make undereducated kids do bad stuff and get them to act like they worship the devil when he, himself is an Atheist His grandma called him a devil child because he was born on March 6th.


Hes said plenty of times that he hates religion and that he wants nothing to do with it. Oh, and to make this clear, I am also Atheist. And i also think that your over thinking this way too much. Its just music and yes while there are hidden meanings behind his lyrics that only goes to a certain extent.

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He believes in doing what makes him happy and if that means that he fucks peoples lives up, hes going to do that. Just wanted to say some stuff.

Mac Miller - OK Feat (Tyler, The Creator) (Lyrics in Description)

Like most atheists, both you and Tyler contradict yourself. I guarantee that.

O.K. (feat. Tyler, The Creator) [Bonus Track] [Explicit]

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Magazine targets a sophisticated and intelligent reader, who desires a publication that speaks to them with class and visually has soul. Digital Cover Magazine. Search Menu. Browse News collects all the stories you want to read. Editors Ayana Rashed. Seven years ago, a scrawny half-Jewish kid-rapper from Pittsburgh had the best-selling record in America.

He earned it by gurning and grinning his way through verses that made sense to the underage drinkers who packed out his shows on college campuses, then laying those rhymes over palatable, poppy beats.

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Born Malcolm McCormick, he was exuberant, hedonistic, hard-working, confident, lyrically messy, and totally unprepared for the future. But most of us won't remember Mac Miller, who died yesterday at the age of 26 , for Blue Slide Park, his debut album—even if it was the first independently released LP to rise to the top of the charts since Tha Dogg Pound's Dogg Food in Most radio stations won't play his buoyant-but-sloppy early mixtapes, the ones that gained him a cult crowd in the first place—and the withering critical response to his early output will barely be a footnote to his legacy.

Where so many artists responded to criticism by lashing out, turning in, or continuing to hack away at the same stale style, Mac Miller learned, grew, and evolved. He became one of hip-hop's most magnetic presences, an unlikely star who, alongside his friends in Odd Future and The Internet, would prod at the mainstream from the gooey edges.

Even Jay-Z gave him a pass.

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When Miller said he wanted to move people with his music , he meant it. As he grew up and he grew up fast , he succeeded. And Swimming, Miller's fifth album, released just last month, was his best yet—soulful, introspective, and confessional but still lyrically taut. It was, gut-wrenchingly, his attempt to fully reckon with addiction and its aftermath. This candour made it easier to believe that he was getting better after years of depression and public scrutiny.

He was working on himself. He had a song called "Self-Care.

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Swimming felt like the culmination of years of difficult work. Following Blue Slide Park and 's more psychedelic and substantive Macadelic, Miller struggled with fame and drugs, disheartened by critics who dismissed him as another entry into the frat-rap canon. When it came out in , though, Watching Movies With the Sound Off caught fans and critics almost completely off-guard with its existential crises, apparent disinterest in day-drinking, and genre-agnostic production Pharrell Williams, Clams Casino, and Tyler, The Creator were all credited.

Nobody who listened to his early stuff could have imagined hearing Miller alongside Earl Sweatshirt on a song called " I'm Not Real, " pondering "hieroglyphics, pyrotechnics, metaphysics"; none of his detractors expected a young guy who'd hit the top of the charts to start again from scratch. He seemed to be constantly reinventing himself—whether he was recovering from depression or addiction or heartbreak—but he brought his fans along with him, never shying away from the pain of it all.