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The first rule is to use a wifi adapter that is compatible with Kali.

KALI – How to crack passwords using Hashcat – The Visual Guide

Most hackers would recommended the Alfa range. You can use an Alfa paddle or 7 db gain antenna — or an Alfa adapter that has 2 antennas on it. Alfa have drivers for Kali. You need to be careful about the network adapter you select. Must work with Kali 2. Must be capable of packet injection. The easiest tool to use is Fern for wifi hacking.

The tool I really like is Wifite — this is an auditing tool and will carry out packet injection for you. Transmission power is an important part of hacking.

Tuto comment enlever un mots de passe d'un fichier RAR/ZIP

You can alter the country code to remove regulations, eg if you set the country code to BO for Bolivia all restrictions on transmission power would be removed. The easiest way to hack is to use Fern, and go for WPS cracking to start off with. Have fun! But the bunny ears adapter is a very good, fast, and stable network adapter.

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Selecting the right adapter is a very important step. Get the wrong adapter and all the hacking tools will fail on you. It will be very limited and old school, however this was an amazing adapter for Kali — a legendary network adapter to be honest, as it picked up so many networks. Thanks again for your help in finding the right adapter! I am in Canada so that one does not ship to Canada! But I managed to find 3 on amazon.

Hi Tyler, Are you able to get this adapter locally? Alfa make a 7db paddle 10 db panel antenna http: Every 3db is a doubling in signal strength. The 10 db antenna is great for using in hostile environments — even got it working inside a giant faraday cage. Here are 3 alternatives that I think are similar to the one you suggested! No problem with helping! The key to wifi hacking is the chipset inside the wifi adapter.

Any USB adapter that uses these chipsets will most likely work with Kali. Alfa adapters continue to dominate Pen Testing in Tyler, Found this forum post — which debates alfa adapters https: Thank you so much for your help! Looks like I have a bit of homework before making a purchase! Will let you know which one I go with! Hi uwnthesis! Very excited to get started! Having some issues early on though.

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Do you know of anywhere that I can download the driver utility software for a mac running El Capitan? Feb 24 '10 at Guess i'm a good guesser: Here's a sample run of cracking the password 'john': Semjanov, http: Semjanov Testing archive Chap7. Testing 4-chars passwords John T John T k 20 I'll give it a try.

Was kinda hoping I'd get an answer before putting the bounty on.

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Josh sorry about that! This was my first time seeing the question, adding the bounty bumped it to the top of the page.

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There are a couple of different ways that you can do this: Open the WinRAR window and then browse for the files you want to add. Select all the files and then click the "Add" button. Select all of the files you want to archive in Windows. Right-click on your selection and choose "Add to archive Give your archive a name. By default, it will be named after the folder the files were originally in. Click the.

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Set password This is located in the General tab of the "Archive name and parameters" window that appears when creating a new archive. Enter in your password. Enter it a second time to confirm it. You can check the "Show password" box to see the characters as you type them. Click here for detailed instructions on creating strong passwords. Check the "Encrypt file names" box. This will ensure that no one can see the names of the files contained in the RAR file until after they have successfully entered the password. OK to save your password. Test it out.

After the RAR file is created, you can double-click it to test it out.

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When you try to extract it, you will be prompted for the password you created. Method 2.