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The resulting USB drive allows for a clean install, upgrade or use as a rescue boot drive. MultiBeast, the ultimate post-installation utility, has been updated to version MultiBeast is an all-in-one post-installation utility designed to enable boot from a hard drive. It also features a collection of drivers and customization options. The following guide is a complete walkthrough for updating to or installing a fresh version of macOS Mojave. It requires no experience and all of the basic installation and post-installation tools are available on tonymacx Contribute Log in Register Search.

In summary, this always up-to-date guide will explain how to pick the right hardware for a great hackintosh and walk you through the standard installation process, but it will also require you to be diligent and informed in regards to the variables in your specific build. Picking out hardware and building a computer is often the most daunting part of this process.

Our list of builds includes the following types of machines:. Alternatively, you can check out our list of individual components and build your own custom system. We have an entire night school course on computer building , but this specific lesson will walk you through how to build your first computer. Follow it diligently, read your motherboard and case manuals closely , and you should have a functional machine in no time. Installing macOS on hackintosh hardware involves a bit more than just popping in a DVD, choosing a boot volume, and clicking a button.

You can read a bit more about the BIOS in our computer building guide , but here are the basic steps.


Our recommended bootloader is called Clover. Clover is a new and exciting open source EFI bootloader. Developed over the past 2 years by a group of developers at Project OS X led by Slice, Clover aims to solve problems inherent in existing macOS installation methods and legacy bootloaders. If you have absolutely no way of borrowing a working Mac, you can install Snow Leopard from scratch with the actual DVD.

To do so, follow these steps:. My specs are: Intel ik 3. What Should I do? Yeah dear, you are going right and in this step you need to partition a disk with disk utiliy. Read the remainning steps carefully then you will get. After booting process….. In a disk utility, it show error for erasing a drive….

In this, You need to clean all your hard disk to partition it for Mac OS. Sir, All procedure is done. After partition in disk utility.

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What can i do now…. Make you sure that you have a Bootable USB with windows 7 then in cause if you failed to install OS X then reinstall windows 7 again and if you want to install OS X then you have to create a partition for OS X to install it on that drive. Try the boot flag that is mentioned in the article above. Any Idea I am stuck.

Yeah dear, the boot flag depends on the system. Setup not running, loading usb pendrive then it Mac screen load completed system will go shut down Choose your Language screen selection not appear, Intel i cup. Hello Dear Winston, Can you tell me by which method you have followed to install El Capitan by unibeast or transmac? It works and installed.

If you want then you can try that way also. Use the like below. Now boot into the same USB Installer and when you get into the system, then edit and apply all the configuration on your system that you applied on your USB installer. Including config. You have to Edit Config. My advise, give up, or buy a Mac like I will do. Will try to install it on my desktop PC. Your device boot flag might be different. So you need to enter the other boot flag that mentioned in the post. I am not getting install Mac after booting into bootable pendrive. External 2. NTFS 3.

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I have read the hackintosh process of tony hackintosh but its to lengthy can you suggest me the easy way or I can use this above process. You can contact me or send me the process on my Email Id: I am getting a kernel panic when trying into to boot into the el captain boot loader. All files used from this video: Specs are below: Hi, thanks for article but everthing fine till apple logo with loading bar. Loading bar fills but then nothing happened? I stucked that screen. What is the problem guys? My notebook model is acer aspire g nvidia graphic card supported. I have no problem to boot. I type -v, then this is the last thing I see and the laptop restart to the same point:.

I will try the installation tomorrow, and let you know! I have a Lenovo TS with an i7 U. What do I have to type in? Boot process: Greetings Mike. Watch the video on youtube https: So, I think this do not need a software driven feature. Well, as I said, I do not see anything on the screen. Same story.

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I think I have to give up on that Laptop. My Chipset is Intel Core i so it is Skylake. However, I dont see the boot flag for my chipset, pls help. Please Reply i need to Run xcode as soon as possible on Mac. And even without the boot flag it restarts. Please help!

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Intel pentium m, GPU: Nvidia m. I stuck on logo apple and half bar line, can you help me to install i need it for project it is important to me.

Pls help! I have Acer EG and i try all this commands but noting, can you help me. I have stuck on line bar on half and dont move.

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My bios use legasy uefi. Can i install this somehow? Pls help!!!! Nvidia m 3Gb 1. Can i use it on my Win10 Vmware or its better to install it seprate? For multimedia program adobe? Is it harm my Laptop to Run Vmware mac for 5 or 6 hour? Plz answer. Still pretty new I have an and fx processor.

With 10gb or ram Windows 7 is my main os what other details are key? Any other key points you need? For AMD processor the steping might be different my dear. These steps work for intel based system. Use an external mouse and keyboard. When the installation is completed, Install the Multibeast in order to work the mouse and keyboard as usual.

Try connect and disconnect your external mouse and keyboard. If again it did not work let us know. Good luck dear Mohamed. Not work. Where would be the problem? With this information that you mentioned may work. Because everything seems good. Try once if you faced any problem just share it below this post. Hello I tried with old mac Then if no, let me know and I will try my best for guiding you guys.

Sorry for late replying. I opened it again and the after some progress the screen turned to black!! There are many Boot args Please once try them and they must work for you.

Hi Faiz need you to explain something I see flags with-without: Thanks for your great article, Can you please follow-up with the post-installation guide? I tried MultiBeast 8. When I finish, reject USB and try to boot from Hard directly, login screen appears, graphics seems to be installed properly, but USB keyboard and mouse are not working at all. Booting from USB and then starting system from hard is totally fine. I searched and checked a lot of articles, but it seems like MultiBeast 8. Yes, send to this email address mukhtarjafari gmail.

Once again read the article very carefully. You might not do any step. If again you did not find the solution, we recommend you to join this forum and ask from them. Here is the link. I checked i have 3 port ;1 for install usb, 1 for keyboard and 1 for mouse , on Windows is working perfectly. Yes now is working but now he show how to switch on the track pad and mouse and my mouse and keyboard is not working please help. OK, now use an external Mouse and keyboard till the installation process should complete.

Until that time, you must use external Mouse and keyboard. It was too interesting thnx for this great method. Can you give me some more information about your device? Ram 2. Hard Disk 3. Graphic 4. Intel Pentium G 3. ATI Radeon R 2gb 5.