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If you really must avoid VNC, there is another option. The Xscope app for software designers has a free companion app that runs on the iPad and will mirror your screen. It's more designed for counting pixels and looking at mockups you design on the Mac for eventual use on the iPad, but you can use it as a mirroring solution. It lacks any input from the iPad and simply sends the screen from the Mac to iOS. Use iDisplay app , that does just what you need, supports mirroring for up to 36 iOs devices.

What's wrong with VNC? It's secure, can use compression which I've found is the only way to make it responsive over a home broadband connection , and is supported natively in OSX.

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I use ssvnc to connect to my Mac, which is a free Java client and I use it from KDE on my laptop and desktop at least; I'd be surprised if it was in the App store, but there should be alternatives. Air Server looks good though, and is the only option you didn't rule out. It's designed for the task of 'mirroring', so file a bug report or something. If you paid for it, it should work.

Old topic but I stumbled upon it today.

The Beginner's Guide to Apple AirPlay Mirroring on Mac and iOS

If you only want to get images over, there is Skala Preview , it's free and it's good! I use it to look at mock ups.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I mirror my Mac display on my iPad?

AirPlay video from your Mac

Ask Question. I'd prefer to do this via AirPlay Mirroring, if possible. I have AirServer installed, but it doesn't show up on my Mac Also, AirServer used to be what i needed if you check the description on Cydia , but for some reason, the website is now only advocating the exact opposite of this. I checked out Reflector , but it only does the opposite, and that's what everyone else in the world seems to be asking. I don't want that. The maximum I'm willing to install is an receiver client on the iPad. I don't want to use a VNC server and client.

I'm okay with an AirPlay receiver app for the iPad, because the iPad doesn't natively receive AirPlay, it only broadcasts it. AirView would have been it, but it's been taken off the store by Apple. How can I do this?

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By negating the use of a third-party server app, and negating VNC as well, I do believe you've pretty much brought your possible solutions down to zero. I'm fine with a receiver app on the iPad. Updating the question! There is no way whatsoever to use your iPad as a AirPlay mirroring server as all data sent via Airplay Mirroring is encrypted and can only be decrypted by an Apple TV or if a particularly enthusiastic jailbreak developer cracks the encryption.

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Note that I said a third-party server app, which means something that runs on your computer. Again, if you don't want to use that, nor the other established remote desktop protocol VNC , then you have zero options left. Too many competing Wi-Fi signals, on similar channels to your receiver, can reduce the quality of the signal that reaches the Apple TV. Older devices that feature slower wireless speeds can also struggle. Options include:.

The Apple TV should automatically wake up when it detects a new AirPlay connection, but sometimes clicking the remote and waking it manually can resolve the issue. If the Apple TV has crashed, you can simply pull the cord out of the back and wait 10 seconds, then power it back up. If none of that works, the next step is to restart your source device.

That might be your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Next try restarting your network equipment. You can also restore your Apple TV to factory settings, which is a final resort for most but worth a try if nothing else works. Read More once the reset completes. The presence of AirPlay signifies that Apple is still serious about cutting the cord.

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As Wi-Fi performance improves, so too will the speed, quality, and reliability of AirPlay as a protocol. Apple is betting big on other wireless technologies, too. Choosing the Best Wireless iPhone Headphones Apple's new AirPods have sold surprisingly well, but are they the best wireless iPhone headphones for your money?

How to Share iPad Screen on Mac

That depends. Bought a Samsung? Relax, this benefits us all.

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  4. How To Use AirPlay Mirroring from iPad to Apple TV or a Mac!
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