Mac lovelorn lipstick on dark skin

Its a perfect to-go lipstick. Neutral pink with glossy finish. No need to put lip gloss for this one. I love this shade of pink Idk how to describe it but the minute I wore it out I got complimented on it! People went and bought it just after seeing it on me. If you love pink, you'll love this color. Lovelorn is definitely my favorite pink. Saint Germain is such a special crazy color, the girl at the MAC store told me to mix it with Rebel to get this amazing bright purple pink.

Be careful with Hue - your lips have to be in perfect condition for this to look good - I usually apply MAC Lipglass in Prrr over it to smooth out the texture. Ruby Woo is a wonderfully matt red, but I believe that only people with good skin can pull it off. You really need that polished look. I love mixing Viva Glam II with a bit of red lip liner just on the inner middle edges of my mouth and blending it out a bit.

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Definitely recommend. They got tons of shades too, so plenty to choose from! Lovelorn is my first and favourite Mac lipstick. It is the perfect punk for an office setting. I feel like the beautylish swatch does not do it justice! Definitely check this colour out for a solid everyday lipstick.

I wanted my first one to be one like that. Next time i will be gettin a flashy one. I love it. It looks glossy and pink but not TOO pink.


Lovelorn is one of my go to pinks. I wear this almost everyday because it's so easy. No lipgloss needed due to the Lustre finish. And it's pretty opaque for a Lustre IMO. I think this will look great on most girls. It's also what I'm wearing in my profile pic: Shipping to Russia. Contact Us Our customer service team in San Francisco is ready to assist you.

MAC Lovelorn Lipstick Swatches:-

Your Bag. Let's just say I have never once used a lip brush to apply this color! Though the only thing I wish Lovelorn would have done better is longevity as it doesn't last longer than a couple of hours before a reapplication is needed. It leaves a perfect amount of glossy shine that adds youthfulness to the overall look.

If you don't mind the short wear time that is! On a side note, today marks the first day of watermarking my photos. I can no longer sit and watch people stealing my photos and using them without giving me proper credit, or worse, slapping their own logo on top of my creation. I wish other companies did this too.

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Lovelorn is such a beautiful pink and it looks great on you! Although I do have a few similar shades. Sorry to hear about people stealing your photos. I hate that.

But back when I ran a food blog. I even had a restaurant steal my photo. What the heck is up with that? I actually did! I tried reaching out privately and when I went ignored I blasted them publicly on my blog. I had a lot of time on my hands back then lol.

It was horrible because I had literally just visited that restaurant like a few days prior. It is sad we have to take such measures, but you are absolutely right protecting what is your work. Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking.

MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn Review & Swatches

Thanks, Anne. Funny because I was so afraid of ruining them before! I love your pictures and it makes me so sad that people are stealing them! Anyone can see the amount of effort and care you put into them. Thanks so much, Sharon! It makes me happy every time when I hear someone says they love my pictures! Maybe I should make it a little more noticeable!

Or… even less noticeable to make it even harder to spot! Hey Jaa, this is so you! Sorry to hear your photos have been repetitively stolen.

MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn Review & Swatches

The watermark is very discreet tho! Well I have grown to understand this is almost inevitable. I take care of social media engagement for an app nowsdays, and over the weekend my boss found out a competitor has been stealing content from our FB page. There is nothing I can do about them copying my writing almost word for word, but they did steal a photo I took and FB took care of that.

So sorry to hear that. Mine is pretty front and center. Be sure to watermark your photos so no one will steal them. Good for you, Tracy, for taking a preventative measure! It has to be done! The Lustre formula is indeed very comfortable and easy. Great that you could pick some lipsticks up with the Back to MAC program!

A pink lip really does suit you, unfortunately a pink shade like that makes me look alot younger so I tend to avoid those! Wait, but I thought looking young was a good thing? The water mark is good. I was expecting it to be more impactful. It might be the super bright studio lighting washing it out, Erin!

I was so bummed when someone accidentally threw out some of my Back to MAC empties. MAC empties are like treasure!