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What if he can smell a crime before it even happens? Holy shit, dude. That's amazing. Smells crime before it even happens! Yes, dude! We're getting somewhere. What if his entire head is just one big nose? Write that down! I like that! He's one big nose on Dolph Lundgren's body.

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Oh, shit! No, no, no, no, no. What are you two doing here? Well, since you've declined my offer to be your agent, I've since taken on Dennis as a client. Dennis has that "I don't give a shit" attitude, which is perfect for Hollywood, right, Dennis? I-I- I really don't care. Why do you want to be everybody's agent? Because that's where the money is. What do you do? You just put things together. Dennis doesn't give a shit. Stop talking to me. Well, you can't just walk in here and get a part in the movie. It's not how it works. Excuse me, sir? Uh, could my client have a part in your movie?

Fill out this form. You do it. I'll do it. Hold on a second. Hey, hey. Assistant, hey. When is somebody gonna tell me what my part is? What is your name again? Dee Reynolds. I'm your featured extra. You're a corpse. A corpse? Like a zombie roaming through the streets looking for brains kind of corpse? Like a dead corpse. Just a dead corpse? Lifeless body lying in the street.

We'll call you when we're ready for makeup. I know, but Hold on a second. I have one more- Don't be- Don't walk away from me. He just- He'll be back. Jesus, you come off so desperate. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Hey, guys. Get out of here! What is that? What are you guys doing here? We in a Hollywood situation!

Bump it. So, uh- So where's the slumdog? We're ready for him. Yeah, we, uh- We didn't want to get locked into anything, so we came up with a pitch instead. It's more like a series of ideas in no particular order, you know? We'll work out the kinks later. So you hit a brick wall, huh? Uh Mmm. Dennis can help you with that. He is good at coming up with awesome words. I wouldn't rule it out. You have to sign him on as a producer.

That okay? You want to be a producer? We'll work out the detes later, man. But maybe we gotta find, like, a cooler place? Could we get a place with some A. Leave it to me. You guys got 30 seconds. Blow my mind. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Oh, oh, oh.


Guys, guys. It's the prequel to The Sixth Sense. The Fifth Sense. The sense of smell. Dolph Lundgren. That's- That's not his name. He's played by Dolph Lundgren, but that's not the character's name. It could be the character's name. That's confusing, dude. More confusing than making up an entirely new name for a person? That's gonna confuse people. I'm taking over. All right, all right, all right.

After reconstructive surgery, he soon realizes that he smells something that stinks [Recording Stops] This doctor smells crime? Possibly also runs around like a hound. He doesn't run I'm just saying, don't rule it out. It's possible- I didn't agree to that. It's not in any of our notes. He might run around like a hound. What do you think? Okay, uh- All right. First things first. You guys gotta type some of this shit out and get organized, for Christ's sakes. Get your shit together. Come on. I mean, that's ridiculous. Now in terms of the story, uh, clearly it's brilliant. It's amazing.

Great idea. Brilliant idea. But there is one critical element that's missing. It needs a sexual punch-up. We need to get a female lead character in there that Dolph can bang throughout the whole movie. I kind of hate women though. I feel like they just slow action movies down too. Right, dude. No, Mac. See, you're dead wrong on that. You're dead wrong. See, one of the problems with Shyamalan's movies is that they lack a certain eroticism.

What if we were to bring, uh, an incredibly hot but skeptical female lab partner into the mix? And then that way, whenever Dolph's not out busting heads because he's smelled crime, he's back at the lab performing outrageous sexual experiments on her supple, young body. Now here's the twist.

And there is a twist. We show it. We show all of it. Because what's the one major thing missing from all action movies these days, guys? Full penetration. Guys, we're gonna show full penetration, and we're gonna show a lot of it. All the big ones. All the good ones. And then he smells crime again.

He's out busting heads. Then he's back to the lab for some more full penetration. He smells crime.

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Back to the lab, full penetration. Crime, penetration, crime, full penetration, crime, penetration. And this goes on and on and back and forth for 90 or so minutes until the movie just sort of ends. That is brilliant! That is the most brilliant movie I've ever heard in my life. I think audiences are gonna be very uncomfortable seeing Dolph Lundgren's naked penis going into this young girl that you're talking about. Just to be clear, though, I don't care either way. Well, it was worth it, you know- 30 seconds. Because we got the chick thing out of it, so this is good.

Yeah, 30 seconds.

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia': Mac and Charlie write a movie

Well, maybe we should type this stuff up, and then, Frank, we'll be in touch. Get it all together. We'll type it up. We'll get another thing going. And think about the representation thing. Definitely, dude. You don't have to rep him. You could just rep me.

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Let me just get all this stuff. We're not a writing team. Are we good? We're good. Okay, we good? Go ahead, Charlie. And we'll get- we'll get the Frank, I write better without him. We'll talk about it. Here we go. Write-Write- Write a couple words. The Fifth- Dude, go faster. Hold on. I can't- Go faster. I got it in my head. I just- I can't type it fast enough. You can't type it at all. If I could type more better, then I think it would come out faster.

Maybe we should get somebody else who can type. Look at her, dude. Might be good to have an older lady in the mix, right, sort of a workhorse secretary? Yeah- I don't care for her demographic. I find them judgmental. We need someone more our Hello. Well, he is a hardcore Christian conservative and he is intensely homophobic. Because clearly everybody around him — except him — knew that Mac was a gay man, and yet for so long he would not admit it. That gave us some runway for comedy. And that is what we always thought was ultimately really funny. The quest of the show was always to be satirical, not trying to be profane for the sake of being profane or offensive for the sake of being offensive.

Our intention has never been to be offensive or mean-spirited. We oftentimes try to make the characters mean-spirited, homophobic and racist, but the joke is always on them.

Knowing that now, we would have handled that differently. It started out like a traditional clip episode, and then got very weird, with fake clips and mis-remembered episodes. At what point did you decide to do a clip show, and then at what point did you decide to subvert that very idea? Or it felt lazy more than anything else.

But I would always beg Glenn and Charlie to just watch some clip shows with me because I promise you it is an incredibly enjoyable experience. So this year I finally got Charlie to sit down with me and watch the Roseanne episode where they did clips, and the Seinfeld episode when they looked back on the series. Once we started talking about it like that, we realized a clip episode was something we could do. Not even a little bit. I made a concerted effort very early on to not think about Sunny at all once the season is over, and then I wait until the very first day in the writers room to open that part of my brain back up and restart the conversation.

I willfully keep it out of my head for the better part of a year. That was our intention. But his schedule being what it was — and NBC not really letting him do all 13 [Sunny episodes] — we wanted to find a way in which it felt like he was there all season. If you take one element out of the equation, everything falls apart.

It is for a new streaming service and the platform is also going to launch sometime next year. McElhenney previously was attached to direct a big-screen adaptation of Minecraft. The movie business is brutal. I wound up taking almost a year off from Sunny and eventually I said I have to go back to my show. It was the best decision I could have ever made.

Well, I agree. Kaitlin Olson, the best physical comedian on TV today? All Episodes After creative differences over what constitutes tasteful nudity cause Frank to pull his money out of Lethal Weapon 6 during filming, Mac, Dennis, and Charlie screen their rough footage for Daniel Attias as Dan Attias.

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