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Make a duplicate of the video, save it as a different video file, then open and rotate that version of the movie in QuickTime. Thank you for the suggestion. It lost a little bit of quality, but worked fine. James, thank you for following through on this, as I was stuck at the rotated black screen.

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Much appreciated! Am I missing something? I see another problem.

How To Rotate Video In VLC On Mac

Do I need QT Pro or something? I just have what the OS gives me. If you are on an older version of Mac OS X you may not have the rotate option. Never mind the above query. So I clicked on the red button to close this copy made a copy of the movie on my desktop first then the warning box comes up to ask if you want to export it and save. So put in the name there and the destination and all is well. What do I do here?

Part 1. VLC rotate video

Apple wants you to import videos from your phone to the computer using the Photos application. But if you then export the video in order to rotate and badly recorded video, and then import back into Photos, the date is wrong. A piss poor solution if you ask me. Apple should allow video rotation within Photos. Then in that window, click in the search bar and paste your video name. Double click the last folder in the string to open it, find your file and open it in Quicktime and perform the procedure above. Save the file with the same name to some easily accessible folder like the desktop, and drag it back into the folder within the expanded Photos library.

Finder will ask you if you want to replace, and choose yes. Is this yet another example or Apple taking away functionality? I have never had a problem rotating videos in QT.

How to Rotate a Video Using VLC

Now, since upgrading to I thought updates were supposed to make things better? Not with Apple I guess. That company is fast becoming the new Microsoft. Videos on my android phone previously imported and rotated without a black screen.

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All you need to do now is reset your VLC settings to default. The above should be all you need to know to rotate your videos and save them.

How To Rotate Video In VLC On Mac – Mobilitaria

Please note, however, that some users have reported issues doing this in certain versions of VLC. It worked fine for us in version 3. If you run into problems, you may need to change your VLC version. What comes immediately to mind though is how about batch processing? And is there any quick way to do all this — like maybe run a config file of some kind? Or we have to go through all that every time we want to do another vid? And please simplify. I followed the steps exactly but the output video was still upside-down.

It plays rightside-up in VLC with the filter enabled, but is upside-down everywhere else. I figured it out. Rotating a video through QuickTime is quick and easy and does not require additional software or extensive knowledge. Open the video that you want to rotate in Quicktime.

How to rotate the video on QuickTime Player 7

Choose the one you want. VLC Player is one of the most versatile players, hugely popular on both Windows and Mac and is the third and the last option this article will cover. This is the first of two available methods. Browse your computer and find the video you want to rotate.