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Force Safari to open target links in new tab rather than window. Tweak Screencapture Behavior. Managed Client: Flush DNS Cache. Tweeting To Twitter From Terminal.

  • The 5 Best Terminal Commands for Your Mac.
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See which processes are using the Internet. Disable and enable Rosetta via Terminal. Blurminal, Yeah, add some blur for your terminal windows. Introduction to Terminal for Disk Maintenance.

Mac Terminal Shortcuts. Globally enable text substitutions and spell check. Twitter While You Sleep. Change Terminal Focus with Mouse Over. Leopard Tweaking - Another Terminal Commands. Leopard - Terminal Commands for Desktop. Leopard Tweaking - Terminal Codes. Terminal Tips: Disable annoying application crash dialogs. In reality, it's just a simple tool that can make using your Mac much easier.

The 5 Best Terminal Commands for Your Mac - The Mac Observer

Now, I'm not saying that learning Terminal commands is easy, but using them definitely is. I've compiled a list of some basic commands that will get you started on your journey to mastering Mac OS X, whether it's Mavericks, Yosemite, or even an older system like Lion.

Terminal Commands for Mac

I've run all of these commands on my MacBook running Yosemite, but if you are an early El Capitan adopter , your mileage may vary due to the fact that it's an early beta still. Macs may be reliable, but they have been known to freeze up on occasion. If you'd rather not deal with having to manually force a shutdown, you can use this Terminal command to make OS X instantly reboot on a freeze. By default, the Mac App Store checks for updates on a weekly basis, but if you'd rather get app updates as soon as possible, you can use this command to have it check daily.

Just be sure to change the "png" portion of the below command to your desired file extension. Don't like screenshots cluttering up your desktop?

Mac Terminal commands: Have fun with Mac’s least-known program

You can change the save location using the following command. More details here. Unlike in Windows, there is no option to view hidden files and folders in Mac OS X, unless you know the exact location.

Important Commands For the Terminal

But by using this Terminal command, you can make them all visible. To hide them again, change "true" to "false. To see the changes appear immediately, make sure to hold "Alt" on your keyboard, right-click on Finder in your Dock, then click on "Relaunch. If you don't want to see every hidden file and folder on your Mac, you can unhide them one by one instead. As an example, the Library folder is the biggest one that most people want to unhide, so let's do that.

To make it so that Finder automatically loads a new window any time a flash drive or any other type of volume is mounted, use these next commands:. If you like to live life on the edge and not worry about accidentally deleting a file that you actually put in the Trash, you can use the command below to disable that pop-up warning. If you want to securely erase files from your Mac, but don't want to make "Secure Empty Trash" the default, you can securely shred files one by one in Terminal.

2) Customize Login Message

The following command uses one-pass overwriting before trashing. The Mail app does not come with a hotkey to send an email since the Enter key is only set to insert a line break. For those of you who like to live in the '90's state of mind, you can make it so that emoji no longer replaces traditional emoticons with this. The login window doesn't reveal much information about your device, but if you'd like it to show some extra info, like your IP address and OS version, use this next command.

The information appears when you click on the menu bar 's clock and is displayed one at a time.