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Microsoft has good tech support too. When it prompts you for an email password, make sure that your username is your full corporate email. If this does indeed work, then make sure to hardcode your password in preferences within your Outlook. There is a setting that controls how long the keychain remains unlocked during periods of inactivity.

This is a relatively new feature, I think, that gets turned on by default when a keychain is created.

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That keychain issue is notorious and there is no real fix for it. Path stated in this article is for Office for Mac This is the path for Office for Mac Thank you! Your link was a life-saver. You are Jesus and you know it.

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Thanks, man! Thanks, a lot again! Now, you will always be able to navigate to the folder using the Sidebar. Had to search around through various folders after the path: I have been trying to reach outlook temp for so long.. The above file path does not take me to the Outlook Temp folder. It does take me to the Case folder, but there is no Outlook Temp folder.

As a side point, why is Outlook set up to save files to a folder that you cannot find by default? Stupid beyond belief. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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  5. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: March 29, at 3: March 29, at 4: Bombaba says: May 24, at 7: David says: May 31, at 7: RM says: March 30, at July 3, at 5: Andrew says: August 18, at 6: Kari says: February 13, at 3: Fastest way to get a list of files without dots. Needed something that could return the contents of single or multiple directories, recursively or non-recursively, for all files or specified file extensions that would be accessible easily from any scope or script.

    And I wanted to allow overloading cause sometimes I'm too lazy to pass all params. I needed to find a way to get the full path of all files in the directory and all subdirectories of a directory.

    Here's my solution: Recursive functions! This function generates a list of all files in the chosen directory and all subdirectories, throws them into a NON-multidimentional array and returns them. Most of the recursive functions on this page only return a multi-dimensional array. Unless you specify no sorting, file names are sorted in ASCII alphabetic order, meaning numbers first, then uppercase, then lowercase letters, even on operating systems whose file system ignores the case of file names when it does its own sorting.

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    For example, on Mac OS, the following files will appear in this order in the Finder, when your disk is formated using the standard file system: I was looking for an easy way to get only files from a certain directory. I came up with the following line of code that will result in an array listing only files. To help with this, as well as to make processing of files in a folder easier, I wrote a function that reads a folder and its subfolders recursively, and calls a function upon each match.

    It must accept one argument that is a relative filepath of the file.

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    Leave as NULL to match all types. Point is, avoid recursive scandir implementations. For directory containing files like for example -. Back in the saddle of scandir I wrote this function for a function that I needed to seperate directories from files.

    Mac lent ? Solutions pour, MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac…

    Since I am still learning from my last example way below I would figure I would add it so it can be criticized. This is a simple and versatile function that returns an array tree of files, matching wildcards: How a ninja may retrieve a list of files, files filtered by extension, or directories: Linux 2. Here is my recursive function, placing directories into new array keys and its contents within. Since scandir returns and array, here is a more concise method of dealing with the '.

    Here is such a function.

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    By default, this function will keep in memory the scandir result, to avoid scaning multiple time for the same directory. Requires at least PHP5. I made this to represent a directory tree in an array that uses the file or directory names as keys and full paths as the value for files. Directories are nested arrays. Scandir on steroids: For when you want to filter your file list, or only want to list so many levels of subdirectories Csaba Gabor from Vienna.

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    I wrote this function to read a folder and place all the folders and sub folders it contains into an array. If you wish to sort by folders first then files, you could use something like this: