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The allure of the Mac Mini is that when the hardware becomes outdated its inexpensive to replace. If this answer was helpful please remember to return an mark it Accepted. Can you help me out here? Diego - Apple produced two different logic boards for the Mid models: Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Mac mini Mid Released on July 21, Leonardo Rep: Hello, I want to know if there's some way that I can upgrade my video card.


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Mac Mini Gaming (HD & 4K)

I ended up using it as a headless server. Like Doormat asks This will help to confirm whether the issue is hw or sw. Surprised they let you keep it, never heard of that happening.

Is it possible to upgrade graphics card of the mac mini? | MacRumors Forums

There's various free clients too but I haven't messed with any of them in years so I don't know which if any are decent. If I can do at least that much I'll be happy using it as a headless media server.

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Safe mode boots perfectly! I guess that is the part that is glitching?? Wifi works anyway, I'm stoked!

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