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For Windows users of Safari: Click Start and open Computer i. Click in the search bar in the upper-right corner. Creativity Creativity Finally! Design Co.

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Design This revolutionary fabric could make flying economy less terrible Co. Sign In. How can I recover deleted history on my Mac? Update Cancel. What's the best continuous integration tool for Android apps?

How to Recover Deleted Safari History on a Mac, the Easy Way

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Answer Wiki. Perform thebelow mentioned steps: First,close the Safari web browser ad open a new Finder window 2.

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This way, you can easily recovery your deleted safari history. Thank you for your feedback! How do you recover deleted website browsing history? How can I recover deleted browsing history on Google Chrome? What's the best tool to recover deleted files from a Mac? How do I recover deleted internet history on my phone? The must-play city building game this Carnival season.

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Develop and advance a civilization through the ages of human history in this award-winning game. Answered Apr 30, Originally Answered: So recovering the internet history is like recovering data on Mac including Mac photo recovery or Mac file recovery. Time Machine is an inbuilt utility on Mac PCs that can be used to backup and recover deleted or lost files on Mac.

What makes Time Machine such a convenient way to recover deleted history on Mac? It does not require any installation, and can be used without configuring anything else on your Mac. To use Time Machine for getting back your deleted internet history on Mac, you just need to follow the steps as given ahead:.

How to Recover Deleted Safari History on Mac

If the switch is set to 'Off', the set it to 'On' to enable Time Machine. Once you select that, your Mac will connect to the backup location. Once you have opened Time Machine, it will show you a list of all the snapshots and backups that it has taken. Within the windows that pop up, find the one that has Applications to get the snapshots taken from Safari, and recover the deleted history from the 'Recover' button given under it.

If you are trying to recover deleted history on Mac, then Time Machine, though a handy option, may not be that effective in most cases. If you want to recover deleted history on Mac with the most effective results, then a professional Mac data recovery software is what you need- and this is where Recoverit Mac Data Recovery comes in.

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Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac , follow the next steps to perform Internet history recovery on Mac. If you are working on Windows computer, you can download Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows or follow the guide how to recover deleted files on Windows computer. Step 1 Launch Recoverit Data Recovery, select a location where the files lost or deleted from. Click " Start " button to get started.

Step 2 Scanning the Mac computer, it will start a first scan to search your deleted internet history. Also, you can go to deep scan with " All-around Recovery " which will search more files from Mac computer. Step 3 Preview and Recover Deleted Files.