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You young snowflake screwballs need to do some research and find out just who Daniel Johnston is.

Apple TV Commercial, 'The Song'

Makes me want to stop binge watching show on hulu, it plays incessantly! This song and commercial sucks so bad. This song makes you really rethink Mac as they are all has beens. Terrible commercial…had to Google to figure out what the heck I was seeing. No one is creating anything just looking at their computers confused. I wanted to look up the origin of this song. And saw all of the comments!

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I really thought there was a connection to old and new…but no. Sounds like the person singing it is about to drop and its too crappily recorded. I absolutely hate this commercial!

Apple MacBook Air ad Stickers 2014

It might be better if the person singing could actually sing. Did Apple actually think that voice was a pleasant sound???? I am sooooo sick of fake, artsy intellectuals trying to seem enlightened. The song, the commercial, and the product are pieces of shit. I have to turn the channel when this comes on.

I absolutely love this Apple Commercial.

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I love this song. Thank you! JoAnn Reed. I cannot believe you, Apple, would allow people to say such ugly and rude things about this beautiful song. Whoever, came up with this commercial is so talented. The music just keeps ringing in my head and the voice is very special.

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  • Telling his story. Again, thank you for putting it online so I can listen to it whenever I want. The commercial gives some serious anxiety. I understand diversity and being open minded and portraying a message but the voice and the way words are sung is just very unpleasant. This commercial definitely makes me cringe in a nails on a chalkboard-kind of way as I desperately grasp for the mute button on my remote every time it comes on TV!

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    Posts Comments. Share this: Like this: Like Loading June 27, at 2: Carla Cunningham says: June 27, at 7: Juliana Skelton says: July 8, at 8: Thomas Smith says: June 27, at 9: Michael Mueller says: June 28, at 4: Sounds so much like songs sung by Mr. Tom Smith says: June 29, at 9: July 10, at 2: P Foellmer says: June 27, at I am SO tired of hearing it!!! Ben Cutter says: June 28, at You are all insane or tone deaf.

    The song is what makes the commercial. JP says: July 2, at 2: Adrienne says: July 6, at 9: Sammie says: July 9, at 8: July 12, at 8: Arthur Burkhart says: July 3, at 1: Melanie says: July 9, at Bill Y says: July 13, at 7: Cassandra Badie says: July 3, at 4: Brian H btmec says: July 5, at 9: Jinko says: July 9, at 7: Candace says: July 15, at 8: Lela says: July 10, at 5: John Studd says: December 29, at 1: Crystal Plemons says: July 10, at 8: Debbie says: July 13, at 1: Gary says: June 27, at 3: Winnie says: June 29, at 2: Ruby says: June 27, at 8: Keith says: Allison says: Terri says: I love the song!

    I especially love the women who is singing it. Tom says: Sharon Franco says: Marcia E Alexander says: July 9, at 6: Kevin says: June 28, at 7: A says: July 3, at 9: Paul says: July 9, at 9: I just saw a shortened version on CBS this evening. Not much better. Marcos Carathenas says: Shelley says: June 28, at 1: DiRT says: June 28, at 2: Booge says: June 28, at 3: Glen says: June 28, at 5: Lisa Creed says: July 2, at I was a little disappointed to find out differently.

    July 4, at 9: Diamond Lil says: June 28, at 9: Pat says: Not a fan says: Steve says: June 29, at 6: I change the channel or mute it. June 29, at 7: Honestly, the first few notes sounded so much like Heathens by twenty one pilots to me. A Michael Edwards says: Old man Miller says: JoaninLA says: June 30, at 5: Erna Beckedahl says: June 30, at 9: P Dizzle says: June 30, at Asi says: July 2, at 6: July 3, at 2: Ezzy Valentine says: July 6, at 1: June 30, at 3: Timothy Lee Miller, composer says: July 1, at Joe Mela says: GqP says: Donna says: Commercial sucks.

    Song sucks. It make me want to turn it off!! And what does it mean??? June 30, at 6: Mina says: Ad ID: A young woman finds an old record of her grandmother singing a song to her sweetie who was away for the holidays. Using her Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and holiday magic, she compiles a duet of her singing mixed with the original record to surprise her grandmother with a special Christmas gift.

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