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A neon pink lipstick has a permanent place in every makeup collection and Candy yum-yum is one of the most popular neon pink lipsticks available in the market. The matte finish makes it look all the more striking on all skin tones. The color stays on the lips for hours and makes the face look bright and youthful. You can wear this lipstick on a bright summer day to perk up your look. The pigmentation is very good for the price. Heroine is described as a bright purple shade with hints of red. It is a medium-toned lipstick which is neither drying nor very hydrating on the lips.

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It has a satin matte finish which is comfortable on the lips and glides evenly to give you a bold and bright color. The reddish purple looks bright on fair skin tones but will suit medium skin tones also. Once you know which ten shades are best-sellers from MAC, it is important to know that which one out of these best mac lipsticks will suit your makeup interests and skin tone the most.

MAC makes hundreds of lipsticks in different finishes and textures and this buyer guide will help you find that one perfect shade which will completely transform to your makeup look. There are certain features that should be taken into account when buying a MAC lipstick. Some of these features include:. MAC has many shades in its permanent line and there are many similar shades as well. Try the shades in the store to see which one looks better on you and if it is a special occasion, try and look for a brighter and vibrant shade.

Go for matte formulas if you like long-wearing and vibrant lipsticks. Buy satin shades if you like a creamy finish.

The average staying power of a lipstick should be hours with slight fading. Make sure that the lipstick you are choosing suits your skin tone. Some shades suit fair skin tones while some shades are made especially for darker tones. Some pale shades might wash out darker skin tones. Keep your makeup interests and preferences in mind when going to buy lipsticks as some people prefer to wear lighter colors while some prefer bold looks.

Try and experiment with different shades before selecting the one which complements your features. Here are some general tips and tricks you should follow when buying and using MAC lipsticks to create beautiful makeup looks:.

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So these are some of the most popular lipsticks from MAC which are used by makeup artists and makeup lovers all over the world for their gorgeous shades and amazing finishes. MAC has a lipstick shade for every person ranging from a classic nude to a sultry red.

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This buyer guide will help you choose the lipstick which suits your skin tone the most. How long do MAC lipsticks stay on your lips? Mostly, everyday lipsticks would not stay long on your lips so you have to refill your lips frequently all day. There are 2 ways of keeping mac lipstick stay longer or extend its life. Lip liner is important to set your lipstick before putting color in. Another way is using lip brush which better than wearing your lips directly.

Peach shade is so popular in worldwide. But I wonder if my coffee skin color is fit to the shade. Which MAC lipstick in peach should you buy? There are many kind of shades of Mac Lipstick which can make you perfect look. However, it must be great if you try any lipstick personally before buying to see actually looks. There are also some Mac lipstick which is good for both fair and dark skin.

Example, Mac Matte Lipstick Velvet Teddy is suits all skin tones with a matte finish and creamy texture. You suggested that it suites to my skin color. Thanks for your advice. If you are a makeup lover, you must know that MAC is one brand which makes quality products which are preferred by celebrities and commoners alike for adding some color to their lips.

From soft nudes to peaches and pinks to burgundy, MAC is famous for their line of exquisite shades in lipsticks. Since there are so many lipsticks to choose from, we have compiled a list of 10 best MAC lipsticks which are loved for their formula and shade:. Best Choice. MAC Matte Lipstick. Buy on Amazon. Best Choice Preview. This classy red lipstick is a must-have from MAC for its stunning shade and staying power at this price. The finish is great for matte lipstick lovers. Go for this lipstick if you want a soft pink lipstick for everyday makeup.

It stays for the whole day and is very comfortable on the lips.

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The price is an added advantage. Russian Red is a gorgeous red which is neither too harsh nor too light. It looks good when paired with neutral eyes or smokey eyes and the price is also affordable. Velvet Teddy is a lovely beige shade which is good if you want to sport neutral lips. It does not fade with eating or drinking and has a creamy finish with even coverage.

This lipstick is a bit difficult to wear because of the very light pastel shade. It looks good on pale skin tones and is used for dramatic makeup looks. This one of best mac lipsticks will suit all skin tones beautifully because of the buildable pigmentation and matte finish. The burgundy shade with a reddish plum tint makes this an ideal winter lipstick for an everyday look. Cool-toned pink lipsticks look good on fair skin tones when worn with complementary eye and face makeup.

This shade is one of a kind and the creamy finish is easy to apply. It is also a lot less dry than most of the other ones from the same line and leaves a nice silky finish. One of the bestsellers from the line, this dirty rose shade is a serious 90s throwback when brown lipsticks were all the rage.

Must-Have Mac Lipsticks! From Nudes to the Darkest Shades

It is one shade that actually suits everyone. However, if you have a darker skin tone it can look a little more like a nude brown, but a killer one at that as well. Fiercely feminine is how MAC describes their line of Retro Matte lipsticks and timeless and classic is how makeup lovers like to define them. Although there are primarily four shades in the permanent line, they keep updating the line from time to time.

The lipsticks give a super matte finish and stay put easily for hours even after meals. The only problem with the collection is, because of its immense popularity and growing demand the availability becomes a huge challenge. But that only confirms the quality of the product. Also, the permanent line has only a few shades, and the other colors are only released as a special and limited edition. This is hands down one of the most popular shades in the history of lipsticks.

The intense red with blue undertones has been a favorite of most girls irrespective of their taste. Although the shade compliments cool skin tone the most, anybody can pull off the look effortlessly. A bright fuschia with red undertones, this is the kind of shade that instantly brightens up your face. It looks best on medium to fair skin tones but works surprisingly well with dusky skin tones too. The color looks drastically different on different skin tones. MAC defines it as a pinkish red with coral undertones. However, debates aside, the color looks extremely bold and is flattering on almost every skin tone.

The collection is perfect for those who do not like glossy lipsticks but are not exactly fans of mattes. The formula of Mac Amplified lipstick lies somewhere in the middle of glossy and matte. The Amplified range comes in 21 shades and lets you choose from a variety of vibrant but wearable colors. The creamy texture does not dry out the lips as much as the mattes, but is not glossy in appearance either. It is a bright fuschia pink with a tinge of coral. The color is one of those that look different on different skin tones.

Impassioned is one of the MAC lipsticks which has a cult following, and the reason can be traced back to how it instantly brightens the face with a color that is intense but not overpowering.

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It is mid tone berry, that looks gorgeous on medium to dusky skin tones. It has a warm plum undertone which works beautifully to give your lips that pop of color. An underestimated color for long, orange has been ruling the fashion scene for the last few years. A bright neutral toned orange is one of the head turners that you need to have.

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It works best on fair to medium skin tone. The shade is bold and is meant for the ones who love to have the spotlight on them. They say you can never have too many nude lipsticks and makeup enthusiasts seem to agree. The color is a warm beige with a pearl finish and pink undertones. If your skin tone ranges between fair and medium and you have been looking for the perfect pink based nudes, your search will end with this pretty shade.

Moving away from the world of mattes, MAC Cremesheen lipsticks gives the same finish as the name suggests. Mac Cremesheen lipsticks are for those who do not prefer a matte finish. The colors are vivid, and the formula is hydrating to the lips with a touch of sheen that makes the lips looks healthy. The variety of colors in this formula is abundant which means that there are options to suit every skin tone and preferences.

It is a plum toned red that looks amazing on any skin color. The shade falls somewhere between pink and maroon and thus can be worn during both day and night. It is a mid-tone pink brown which like most nudes look different depending on the skin tones. The color is buildable and gives sufficient coverage with swipes, and the end result is a soft, sophisticated shade.

Suitable For: The days you want to look put together without putting in too much effort. It is a frosted orange shade that is vivid but not in-your-face like most lipsticks from the orange family. On some skin tones, it might appear to have a brownish undertone. The color looks the best on medium to light skin tone. Days you want a pop of color to brighten up your face without going too overboard, for example, an important office presentation.

Well, I know it is the not late 90s or early s anymore, and you are not going to jump at the mention of frost lipsticks now. But with a great variety of colors to chose from and creamy texture, these might convince you to fall in love with frost lipsticks all over again. Though fashion gurus have termed frost lipsticks to be history, makeup lovers have not yet discarded the trend. If used correctly, these frost lipsticks in gorgeous shades amp up the glamor quotient.

The shimmer adds just enough glitz without going overboard and does not look too much on lips. However, it can be difficult to remove the shimmer off the lip after the color wears out. The lasting power of these shades are surprisingly long, given they all have a frost finish. The color stays put for hours without re-application. It is a warm gold with a sheer metallic finish. It gives your lips a subtle golden glow with a hint of color to glam up even the most simple look. It is a perfect color to build up if you want to convert your semi-mattes into something more festive, without disturbing the color too much.

Fresh Moroccan is a warm brown, of course with a frost finish. The color has a slight maroon tinge, that can be built up to almost a brick red. The shade has a vintage glam appeal to it. It can look good on any skin tone but will shine on medium to dark skin tones. It also exceptionally compliments festive Indian wears. Events where you are going for a relaxed glam look, for example, a wedding function of a colleague or a relative.

So, that was our list of the best picks from the MAC lipsticks collection. For those wondering what color best suits your skin tone? Here you go…. A good lipstick works like magic. And though most lipsticks look stunning on fair skin, choosing the best out of the lot can be confusing. So, here are our picks of the three best MAC lipsticks that will suit fair skin, come what may. MAC Syrup, a gorgeous mauve pink color that could be worn anytime, anywhere.