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Tethered shooting is great for studio and macro photography, where you can review the fullscreen previews of each photo on a full size monitor or LCD television.

Software Options for Shooting Tethered | Tether Talk

This makes it much easier to judge how the photos are turning out and what lighting or focussing adjustments may be necessary. You will also need to install some of the software that came with your camera. This guide shows how to set up the software to achieve fullscreen tethered shooting on Windows XP without having to spend money on a third party tool. This is the program that will let you interact with the camera via a USB port.

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You will also need to make sure you have installed the WIA drivers for your camera these let the computer talk to the camera. These drivers are specific to each model of camera and will be found on the CD that came with your camera. After you have installed EOS Utility and the necessary drivers, you are ready to begin setting up tethered shooting. Plug your camera into your computer with the provided USB or firewire cable.

Step by Step Tutorial for How to Shoot Tethered

Make sure your camera is plugged into a DC adapter or that the battery is fully charged - EOS Utility will complain and may not run if your battery is running low. Start up the EOS Utility application. You can use this dialog to control your camera from the computer, but that's not what we're interested in - we just want to be able to send photos directly to our computer's hard disk and show a full screen preview of each photo as it is taken. Under the Destination Folder tab, choose which directory you want your images to be saved in.

Software Options for Shooting Tethered

I have opted for "d: Each photo you take will be transferred directly from the camera and saved in this folder. Under the File Name tab, set the images to have the shooting date, prefix and a number. This will reduce the risk of accidentally overwriting existing images from a previous tethered shoot. The Linked Software tab is where the magic happens.

Remote control via a WiFi connection

The default options let you open the photos in Digital Photo Professional, ZoomBrowserEX; or you can choose to just save the images to disk and not open them in anything. We want to be able to see a full screen preview of each image.

Canon SL2 (200D) Tutorial - How to connect DSLR to your computer via Wifi and control it (tether)

This is ideal for this task, because only one instance of it can be run at a time. Unfortunately, launching this application is nontrivial, so we have to create a small batch file to accept the argument from the EOS Utility. Note that the above needs to be entered as a single line.

I haven't actually tested it, but I suppose this means you can only view tethered images that are saved to a path which does not include spaces. In short, tethering allows you to connect your camera to a computer or tablet and almost instantly view your digital images on the device within seconds after it is captured.

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However, as tethering technology became significantly cheaper and easier to use, tethered shooting as been practiced by professionals and enthusiasts alike. Tethered photography is the process of connecting your camera to a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone using either a cable or wireless app. Overall, this type of collaboration should lead to a better result.

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First, either you or your client could get too caught up in little details while inspecting the photos, and this can stall a photo shoot. Second, tethering can suck the battery life out of both your camera and your connected computer.

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  • The traditional and most reliable way to connect your camera to a computer or another device is by using a cable. There are a variety of different cables and ports available, so which cable you use will depend on your exact devices. Some DSLRs with built-in Wi-Fi even offer wireless tethering or remote shooting, but this is typically limited to being used on a tablet or mobile device only, not a laptop computer. Tether Table Aero is a lightweight, durable aluminum platform that attaches to almost any tripod or light stand, turning it into a handy utility table for holding a laptop or extra camera gear.

    To be clear, there are many tethered shooting programs available, but this article will highlight two low-cost, simple methods in particular: