Mac superdrive keeps ejecting disc

I was preparing to pass it on to the kids, but wanted to resolve the disc issue first, because I know they'd keep clicking on it and I was afraid we'd hit a state where it simply wouldn't spin down.


I'm no prude when it comes to taking computers apart I was even Apple Certified back in the day , but pulling out, or replacing the optical drive in an iMac is a pain in the butt and something I'd rather avoid. A MacBook, no problem: The iMac, less so. I've swapped out the RAM on this machine and removed the protective glass cover to clean dust off the LCD display, but there's no way I want to remove the display altogether to get at the drive beneath it.

Not if I can avoid it. In case you are ever faced with this annoying situation, here is what I tried in order of escalating frustration:.

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Using the Terminal, enter the following command: If none of these solution works, there's a pretty good chance that there's a hardware problem. If not and you don't mind the risk of possibly damaging the optical drive, you can proceed to more drastic measures. Oh, and I could find no trace of a software solution, like an AppleScript to make the iMac ignore the drive.

If someone knows one that works, that would certainly save some effort and potential hardware damage. Apple itself publishes a how-to on slot-loading iMac drive failures. This involves inserting a paperclip, then sliding it as the disc is ejected in an attempt to free it. Inserting a thin piece of cardboard into the optical slot as the disc is spinning can force it to stop and may then trigger the drive to eject the disc.

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The "try anything" school of thought and a few websites suggested that jamming a second disc into the slot and trying the standard eject methods may be enough to make the drive barf out both discs. A number of people managed to pull the disc out by inserting two credit cards working one on either side of the jammed disc and using them like pincers to yank it out. This guy even put up a YouTube video showing the technique in action.

Didn't work for me. Still no luck, even after several hours and repeated sessions of fighting with this thing.

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I was about to pack it in, take the iMac apart and physically remove the drive. But stubbornness and an unwillingness to admit defeat called for a little MacGyvering. The approach I settled on was to use a thin, metal putty knife with a patch of heavy duty adhesive two-sided tape. Show More Results.

How to Get a Jammed DVD Out of an iMac Optical Drive

Apple will reportedly reveal its news subscription service next month. Firefox offers clearer, more flexible privacy controls. Latest in Clean. Image credit:. Here are the steps he followed. I've also marked the step he did not follow: Get hold of a credit card. Cut a strip of fine, lint-free cotton cloth as wide as the credit card and twice its length. Wrap the cloth around the credit card lengthwise and hold it taught between your thumb and forefinger at one end.

Camera lens fluid will do.

What To Do If Your Mac Keeps Ejecting CD and/or DVD Discs

I didn't it says up to 5 times How weird! Why can't it be like "Unlimited" instead of "5 times"? External Superdrive keeps ejecting disc More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Gazzaman Gazzaman.

CD / DVD Drive on my Mac keeps ejecting my CD / DVD

External Superdrive keeps ejecting disc Ok, I've had my Superdrive since March this year and it's possibly seen around 20 - 30 discs in total. Cd's load and play with no issues but load any DVD and it just gets spat out. Thanks in earnest, Gary. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

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