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Screen shot taken from here. I'm surprised I was matches with the C4 Shade. I thought I'd be like a NC35 because most Asians have it that way even my sister Studio Sculpt Concealer is in that shade, as well.

My New M.A.C. Shade & How to Find Yours! | B E E K Y O O T E

I've looked up what "C" means in the M. Picture taken from here. Knowing tha t I ha v e green veins, I guess I am going with my actual shade. Sometimes, the M. In my case, I'm pretty happy with my yellow or gold-ness, haha.

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  3. MAC C4/C40/NC mac_cosmetics?

Now I think about it, I probably should have grabbed a new concealer! I have yet to try if what I already have any that will match my new powder foundation shade. Check my first M. Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation: Thanks for reading!

My MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Shade - Olive Skintone - glambymyra

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Confused About MAC Foundation Shades- NC35, NC40 C4, C35 Help!

Certified Influenster. Blog by Bee Luzada. Did the same thing but upon application the tone was off not enough yellow. Then I wanted to try out C she says this is too olive-green toned for me and NC35 would be better since she thinks I have more of a golden beige skin tone plus it was the color I used in the past- pretty good match but not enough yellow for me. OK here's the question- if she originally matched me up with C4- is it that much different than C35?

I thought C35 would have been a better match since it seems like the NC line doesn't have enough yellow or is C35 much more 'Olive' than C4? Side by side it doesn't look that much different- I was too tired to try out C35 and just got NC35 but should I really have gotten C35 instead and not listen to the MA and trust my instinct?

When a foundation turns orange it could indicate that it's oxidizing and altering the color. You should always go with your instinct, a MUA could have a tendency to warm people's complexion or keeping them cooler, it's quite subtle and usually a matter of taste. What I can tell is this, whenever I do purchase a new formula at the store I do one of the following: Ask for a sample and give it a test drive for a couple of days did that with YSL's Teint Majeur and thank the gods I did 2.

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  • Re: Confused About MAC Foundation Shades- NC35, NC40 C4, C35 Help!!
  • Question for a MAC Studio Fix Color Expert.!
  • Let the MUA match me and then go outside with a small mirror and check the color in natural daylight to see if it's a good match. I am in the same boat you are. I have red skin to begin with. Therefore, I need more yellow.

    The Blogger.

    C35 is perfect to eliminate red. But, NC35, although less yellow, is still pretty good. I just kept both and mix them together when I want the perfect shade. NC shades are yellow with a little bit of beige. C shades with one digit C2, C3, C4 etc are yellow with a little bit of pink. C shades with two digits C30, C35, C40 are yellow with a little bit of green. It's literally olive. The C shades with one digit aren't true olive colors.

    NC shades aren't very consistent. Some have more beige than yellow.

    MAC C4/C40/NC40

    Some of the lighter shades may have more beige and some of the darker shades more brown. Which is why people that go from NC to C feel they're "more yellow" but it's actually due to their NC shade having too much beige. The C range with a single digit look pinkish on me but that could be due to my olive tones contrasting with the slight pink tones.

    I do know that NC35 is actually a bit more yellow.

    It tends to be more golden compared to NC30 and NC