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Please note that packs older than 1.

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Some of these Resource Packs do not require MCPatcher but you will get the best out of them with it, they only have limited support for Optifine. There are alternate textures for the John Smith pack, here are the alternative textures as sheets and sliced individual textures.

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Due to the work involved I cannot support these files and you'll have to rename, move and replace the texture you want yourself. John Smith Alternatives - 4. You will only find the latest release of the John Smith Legacy Resource Pack and the John Smith Legacy JimStoneCraft Edition Resource Pack on this page, if you have downloaded it from somewhere else then it's probably out of date, may have bugs that have already been fixed or may have been modified. Introduction Become a Patron!

The most loved Mac is about to make you fall in love all over again.

John Smith Legacy for Vanilla Minecraft

With a resolution of x for over 4 million pixels, the results are positively jaw-dropping. Images take on a new level of detail and realism.

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Use your fingerprint to immediately access locked documents, notes and system settings, without entering yet another password. No need to enter shipping or billing info, and your card details are never shared.

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With on-the-fly data encryption, all your data stored on the SSD is automatically and fully encrypted. And individual LED-backlit keys with an ambient light sensor help you type in low-light environments.

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You have precise control and a uniform response — no matter where you click the trackpad — as well as plenty of room for Multi-Touch gestures like pinch and zoom. Your fingers will feel right at home. Even though it weighs just 1. Gradients and distracting patterns are eliminated, many base textures are remade to reduce aliasing, and foliage has a broad color depth.

How to download OPTIFINE on mac 1.7.2 Simplest way eveer!

Special support is baked into textures to improve mipmapping. Be sure to install Optifine or MCPatcher to enable the full pack! Toggle navigation Home.

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