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Network Attached. Mobile Wireless. Read full review. WD My Passport portable drive Today the company announced a completely redesigned portable drive for catching more than just your eyes. Glyph Blackbox Plus Fast, rugged, compact and future-proof, the Blackbox Plus from Glyph is easily one of the best portable drives on the market.


Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive This small and speedy portable drive will come in handy for anyone who needs to carry a lot of data while traveling. Seagate Expansion Portable Drive Looking for a portable drive that's fast, large and cheap? EzeeCube EzeeCube. View Deal.

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One for all the Mac users out there, this 4TB silver external hard drive is USB-C ready and comes with 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty. Comes with 3-year limited warranty as standard. There are a range of Seagate Expansion external hard drive discounts over at Amazon, but this 3TB deal is the best of the lot.

Easy to use and capable of delivering fast transfer speeds, this is good to go out of the box. Offering all-round data protection, this military-grade external hard drive can take whatever you throw at it.

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Another great bundle from Best Buy. This is its lowest price ever, so we don't expect stocks to hang around for long.

This slimline Seagate drive will hold a respectable 4TB, so there's plenty of room for all your work and more besides, and it's also compatible with XBox One and PS4. There are plenty of discounts to be had on Toshiba's external hard drives over on Amazon, with this 1TB model seeing the most money chipped off the price tag. Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB: The Toshiba deals keep on coming with these discounts on the Canvio basics range. Right now you can grab this spacious 4TB Transcend StoreJet drive at a great price, and thanks to its rugged military-grade body you can be sure your precious files are safe.

Let's be clear: If you're after a bargain external drive then you're going to have to look hard for it; or rather, just sit back and let us do the hunting. Your best bet for a getting a great deal on an external drive is to keep an eye on the big names. Companies such as Western Digital, Seagate, LaCie and Sandisk are notable for having large ranges of external drives, and they're introducing new models on a pretty regular basis.

This means that come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they're likely to have plenty of stock of models that have either been recently superseded by a newer version, or simply aren't selling as well as other external drives in their range, and these will be the most obvious candidates for the best deals. The company has recently reported a big drop in profits, and it might try to tackle this by driving Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with some attractive deals.

Watch this space. If you have your heart set on Black Friday external hard drive deals then the best thing you can do is start looking out for them now.

Best Buy is selling a 4TB external hard drive for $70 | PCWorld

There's an increasing amount of competition between retailers to shift their discounted stock, so every year we're seeing stores and sites kick off their Black Friday sales earlier. Figure out your budget and exactly what kind of drive you're looking for. If you need plenty of storage and aren't too worried about transfer speeds then you should probably concentrate on old-fashioned hard drives; they might not be fast but they'll give you a lot more gigabytes for your buck.

If speed's important, though, you should look for an SSD instead.

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They're fast and reliable, and because they have no moving parts they're a lot more suitable for taking out and about with you. The downside is that you get a lot less storage than you would from a comparably priced hard disk. Always look for big name brands such as Western Digital or Seagate when you're searching for an external drive; not only are these where you'll probably find the best deals, you can also be much more certain of getting a reliable drive that won't fail on you.

If you spot a dirt-cheap drive from a brand you've never heard of, look around for reviews to get an idea of its reliability; it could be cheap for a very good reason, and it's probably not where you want to stash your important backups. Don't forget to check an assortment of retailers for the biggest choice. Amazon's Black Friday deals are always worth a look, but explore some other online stores as well.

The best Cyber Monday external hard drive deals 2018

Some of them might have cashback offers that could save you a bit extra, so that's always worth looking out for. Finally, use the same common sense that you would when making any purchase online; check the guarantee, make sure you're buying from a reputable store, and keep your receipt just in case you change your mind later on. SSDs are lightning quick and a lot less fragile than hard disks because they have no moving parts. Once you've decided whether you need a hard disk or an SSD, the key thing to look for is the amount of storage you'll get. It all depends on your needs, naturally; GB is probably fine if you don't work with enormous files, but if your business involves videos then you're probably well into terabyte territory.

Beyond that, the most important thing to check is what type of connections an external drive has. At the very minimum you'll need a USB 3.