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Most Linux systems — including Ubuntu — are Debian -based. Open a terminal window. You may be prompted to enter your password. Open a terminal.

Installing Elixir - Elixir

Confirm by clicking Install. After the installation finished, continue installing Homebrew by hitting Return again. Wrong link in 'intro. I was going to create a pull request, but then remembered that doesn't exist in gist. You shoud before do "cd" the directrory should be yours home.


Or will have error. I mean macos. I ran this command and it removed all existing users. It upgraded like packages and removed some users. Anybody know why this happened? Unmet dependencies. This allows you to have the flexibility to install things on your own but still have those participate as dependencies in homebrew formulas.

This is to avoid conflicting with the system version of the same package. The command specififies the account and repo in GitHub, as in https: One should see the cask definition before using it. I would be suspicious of casks with sparse information. Homebrew now defaults to retrieving behavioral analytics tracking.


Although anonymized, you may not want to participate in that. To disable the extra network traffic:. Download Fink commander Fink Installer.

Learn Python Episode #2: Mac/Linux Installation

Otherwise, feel free to open an issue in the issues tracker on Github. The only prerequisite for Elixir is Erlang, version In case you want to install it directly from source, it can be found on the Erlang website or by following the excellent tutorial available in the Riak documentation.

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For Windows developers, we recommend the precompiled packages. Those on a Unix platform can probably get Erlang installed via one of the many package distribution tools.


After Erlang is installed, you should be able to open up the command line or command prompt and check the Erlang version by typing erl. You will see some information similar to:.

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On Windows , there are instructions for different versions explaining the process. On Unix systems , you need to find your shell profile file , and then add to the end of this file the following line reflecting the path to your Elixir installation:.

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Once you have Elixir installed, you can check its version by running elixir --version. Plataformatec offers consulting and development services for companies using Elixir.