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This allows you move items from local storage and save them to your iCloud account. All of your files will then be synced to the cloud. You can then use a Mac disk cleaner to get rid of the locally stored duplicates.

3 of the Best Disk Space Analyzers for Mac OS X

By enabling Optimize, previously watched media will be automatically removed from your computer and kept in iTunes where you can download them again if you get the urge to give a show a rerun. A full hard drive results in a slow running, overheating Mac. The best way to keep your system running smoothly with plenty of room for files is to keep on top of disk space. Use these apps to analyze disks and perform routine cleanups.

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How to free up storage space on your Mac

By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. Click here to learn more. In addition, Disk Drill Mac disk space analyzer, permits the user to select different views, according to file types. Thus, there are tabs for selecting all files, pictures, videos, audio files, documents, or archive files. This functionality comes in handy when selecting how to clean up disk space Mac, as critical documents, photos of loved ones, or favorite songs or movies, can be easily identified.

How to Free Up Disk Space on Mac Easily

Disk Drill 3 has the added advantage of being a data recovery software, so if the user mistakenly deletes the wrong file, it can also solve the recovery problem. In summary, Disk Drill 3 Mac disk space analyzer is a very comprehensive tool, allowing the user to clean up disk space, and to correct unintended deletes. All operations are intuitive, which enhances efficiency. This is mainly because it has a beautiful interface, presented in the manner of an interactive wheel for easy and intuitive visualization.

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DaisyDisk is very fast, and shows an overview of all disks connected to the Mac. Changes are updated in real time, making it ideal for analyzing and taking a wise decision on what to delete and what to keep. This tool is very popular amongst IT professionals and artists, which are the most common users of Macs.

Although this is a commercial tool, it has a free trial version available, which can be used to clean up disk space Mac in a casual manner.

How to Free Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive With This Simple Trick

Overall, DaisyDisk presents an option for analyzing disk space on Mac and deciding where to clean, which is very user friendly and easy to learn, even for the non-technical user. Although some reviews indicate that the interface appears a bit old, results are presented in an efficient way, by means of a drawer like information display. In general, GrandPerspective presents a good option for the average user, who is looking for a simple tool, which can do a good job in freeing up drive space quite quickly. This app presents an overview of all disks on a machine.

The results are presented in a graphical way called tree map. The tree map shows the files and folders coded by type, and showing the sizes and amount of files contained in each folder, inclusive of subfolders.