2 iphones on 1 mac

Martin contributed English translations for a collection of Japanese poems by Misuzu Kaneko. She has worked as an educator in Japan, and she runs a private voice studio out of her home.

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Launch iTunes. Tips If you have more than one iPhone, you can connect all of the devices at the same time.

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Each device shows up in the Devices section of iTunes. To sync over WiFi, connect each iPhone to a power source. When navigating through each sync category, you can select different options and even select individual items for the Music, Apps, TV Shows and Photos sections.

You can only sync one device at a time. Wait for one device to finish syncing before syncing the next iPhone. Video of the Day.

2 iPhones, 1 iCloud account, determining phone # SMS or iMessage

Enter the other Apple user ID and password. Sync the data to the other iPhone. Close the program when you are finished. Click the "Apple" menu and select "System Preferences. Enter the information for the new user.

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Disable automatic login, if it is selected, and save your settings. Enable the Mac's Fast User Switching feature to log in and out faster and to keep your programs running for the first account while you access the second user's account.

The Tool We Need to Sync Two iPhones to iTunes

To do this, click the "Apple" menu and select "System Preferences. Click "Login Options. Restart the Mac.

How to Use Multiple iPhones on One Computer

Log into one of the accounts when prompted. Plug in one of the iPhones and wait for the dialog window to appear. Enter your Apple user ID and password. Sync the data to the iPhone.

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Log out of the current account and switch to the other user account. Rebecca Mecomber, a former radio broadcaster, has been a professional blogger and writer since Skip to main content. Create Separate Mac User Accounts 1.

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Click the plus sign located at the lower-left section of the window. Tip If creating a new user account for the second iPhone is not possible, Apple offers two other methods for adding an additional unit. You can maintain two iPhones on one account by maintaining separate iTunes playlists, or you can create a new iTunes library and sync each iPhone's media files independently. Be aware, however, that these methods separate only the media files such as podcasts, music and video files.

Warnings Before you connect the second iPhone, back up the data of your first iPhone in case the second sync goes awry.