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SC Conference at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Cite this publication.

Achla Agarwal. Krishna Agarwal. Leslie Fife. Emre Celebi. There are many challenges associated with introductory classes in computer science. For many students, this is their first experience with both programming and computer science. Increasing the level of success in this course will directly increase the number of students continuing towards graduation in computer science.

As part of this introductory course, a number of tools and techniques are introduced. These include algorithms, flowcharts, pseudo-code, and a high level programming language. Choosing the correct mix of tools and techniques can increase the probability of student success.

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While both tools may be used in CS0, we believe that one is the preferred tool based on feature comparison. Figures - uploaded by Krishna Agarwal. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Krishna Agarwal. Content uploaded by Krishna Agarwal. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Krishna Agarwal on Mar 10, Division of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,. Bossier City, LA , , aagarwal bpcc. Shreveport, LA , , krishna. There are many challenges associated with introductory classes in computer. For many students, this is their fir st experienc e with both programming and.

Increasing the level of success in this course will directly inc rease the. As part of this. These include. While both tools may be used in. CS0, we believe that one is the preferred tool based on feature comparison. The CS0 course provides an introduction to problem solving and the use of.

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This is. Raptor raptor.

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Both allow you to trace variables and. Both allow for assignment. These flowcharting tools present many advantages for CS0. Among th ese are that. Java, or Pascal. The ability to visually see programming logic benefits many students,. This paper demonstrat es some simple examples of algorithms and their. Consider the following problem which is typical of that assigned in a CS0 course. Some sample data with the. Class average on test is:. This simple problem involves a single loop, a selection statement and some input-. A beginning student should be able to develop this algorithm, possibly with some.

However, the re is nothing particularly challenging about this. If the algorithm was already developed, a student should be able to follow the. The difficult concept is the idea. This is where executable flowcharts fit in. Figure 1 — Raptor Flowchart. With executable flowcharts, students may actuall y watch the execution of the. This provides a deeper understanding of the. Figure 1 demonstrates a simple Raptor flowc hart and Figure 2 shows the.

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  • A rectangular mark in the input or output box. Print the first 10 Fibonacci numbers in reverse order. Note that it is easy to use an. Figure 3 demonstrates a Raptor flowchart for solving the Fibonacci numbers.

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    Figure 3 — Raptor Flowchart. There are a number of similarities between these two tools. For this comparison,. Both are good flo wcharting tools.

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    Both ex ecutable flowcharts allow for bre akpoints,. The introduction of a space between t he variable name and the index should. As most languages. Regardless, it needs to be consistent in support of beginning programmers. Raptor provide s a sing le looping c onstruct. This can be used for pre -test or post-test. In some ways, it is simpler to provide a single loop item and then. Net , VB. Net , and Pascal. While the quality of auto -generated code varies, the ability to generate executable code is.

    Raptor works on Windows and in a limited sense on Ubuntu Linux. Neither tool runs on a Mac. For most universities, this is not an insignificant advantage, provided. Both tools. Both are. Each tool provides a different set of advanced features that will probably not be. Raptor provides some support for object-. Logic Pro X includes. Logic Pro X Logic Pro X expands Logic Pro Logical data models often A commercial office suite, consisting of interrelated applications and services. Grouped by logical functionality Logical AI is an artificial intelligence development platform for Poker Academy.

    Visual logic models app social advice Mac users interested in Visual logic models app generally download: Flying Logic Pro 3. Flying Logic Reader 2. Related advice. More results for "Visual logic models app". Free only. Navicat Data Modeler.

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